Renninger Racing Race Recap | September 5th 2020 | New Egypt Speedway

Figure we would set the tone on a positive note 

Dirt modified racing

Arthur Graham Photography

Hey I get to say I'm Racing this weekend again and I invited a few good friends to help capture the day. 

Got the place all organized and cleaned, lol yea right. 

Dirt modified racing 2

Arthur Graham Photography

I mean if there was a time to Ham it up, I suppose this would be it. 

Dirt modified racing 3

Arthur Graham Photography

But Seriously how small does my head look without a helmet? 

Dirt modified racing 4

Arthur Graham Photography

Enough Fun Time to Load up and Go

Dirt modified racing 5

Arthur Graham Photography

Off we go

Dirt modified racing 6

Not so fast, as we pulled out of the Driveway the truck shifted into 4 wheel drive low and after 5 min of trying to get it out of 4 wheel drive, we noticed the brake line had broken and thought we were out of business for the night but thanks to a great pit crew guy we towed it with his truck.  

At the track, we arrived hopeful of a better performance than last week after having changed out the breaks, rotors, and a few other loose items. 

National Anthem played by a youngster to kick off the night, its not easy. 

 From there the moments were capture by Anthony Monetti 


The night would have us staring 19th and we were up to 11th when under caution a bold came loose on the rear radius rod and also sliced a tire up.  An improved outing from the previous week, still a bit off the pace but we know what to do next and look forward to getting our speed and lap times dial in to compete. 

Dirt modified racing 8

Jim Brown Racing Photo 

Feature Photo

erik 3

Jim Brown Racing Photo 

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